Mission Statement

The mission of the Dodge County Alliance for Healthy Soil – Healthy Water is to build a community dedicated to soil and water health

Fox Lake (a joint effort between FLILPARD & FLPO) hosted Dodge County Farmers’ Appreciation Day with pontoon boat rides for Dodge County Farmers and their families on Saturday, July 17.

Fox Lake’s Captain Kyle readies for the lake tour with Dodge County farmer Gary Zastrow and family on board. Gary farms in the Watertown area.
Captains Sarah & Mike Drzewiecki host the Jon Gibbs’ family. The Gibbs farm in the Fox Lake watershed.
Captain Mike Drury welcomes Robert Boeder’s family on board. The Boeders farm in the Mayville area.

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Dodge County is home to over 21,000 acres of surface water comprising of 31 lakes and ponds and 50 rivers and streams. The county has 2,000 farm operators working on over 300,000 cropland acres, with approximately 40,000 dairy cows plus other livestock. The Alliance, a self-funded non-profit organization, connects the farming community with the lake community while promoting Dodge County successes, education, and projects that improve soil and water.

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