Our Members / Partners

The Dodge County Alliance for Healthy Soil – Healthy Water is an alliance of lake associations, lake districts, representatives of Dodge County agencies, Wisconsin DNR,  UW-Extension, NRCS, the Dodge County Farmers group, individual members, and partnering organizations/companies who are interested in building  a community dedicated to soil and water health. The following list is our Partners.                        

Alliance Members include the following individuals:
Susan Blachowiak Baloun
Brendan Blank
Bill & Evonne Boettge
Chad Buelter
Andy Condon
Elsa Condon
Colleen Crane
Jerry L. Cypert
Dennis Gaber
Jeff Gaska
Jason Grams
Karen Huber
Ruth Johnson
Wayne Kok
Phillip Laatsch
Matt Lienke
Tim Meekma
Dale Macheel
Charlie Nelson
Matt Lienke
Dale Macheel
Liz Orsay
Tony Peirick
Ellen Perkins
John Richter
Bill Stangel
Marty Weiss
Lynn Sullivan
Linda Truelove
Tracy Zemlo
Pheasants Forever: Josh Bendorf
Dodge County Land Water Conservation: John Bohonek & Robt. Bird
DNR: Dale Gasser
DNR: Mark Riedel
DNR: Mike Sorgi
UW-Madison Division of Extension
River Alliance: Michael Tiboris
Rock River Coalition: Addie Schlussel

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